SMS Marketing

text message picSMS (short message service) marketing is also called text message marketing. It is becoming more prevalent each day as national companies are having great success with it…and the cost is attractive even for a small business.

Think about it – most people have their mobile device within 3 feet of them 24 hours a day…and 93% of text messages are read within 5 minutes! With one of our SMS campaigns, you can get your message to your customers quickly…and you’ll see results quickly!

Your mobile messaging campaign(s) can be implemented using these easy steps:

1. We set up your texting campaign to entice people to enter their mobile numbers in exchange for something that you provide (sort of a bribe.) If you’re a restaurant, that could be a free appetizer or dessert. If you’re a gym, it could be a free fitness evaluation. You come up with the offer.

2. You advertise the texting program using your existing advertising methods and maybe some new approaches that we’ll suggest.

3. The customer responds to the advertising and texts into the program.

4. Our system responds to the customer automatically. You get notified (optional).

5. You build a list of customers to follow up with and market to in the future. You can send out notices of specials on slow days, etc.

Want to see how it works? Text the word “solution” to the number 72727.

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