Mobile Website Features

Mobile websites and their usage differ quite dramatically from their desktop counterparts.

Mobile “surfers” tend to be more focused and purposeful in their requirements of your web content.

mobile sampleMobile visitors are typically local, on the move and are looking for something “actionable” on your mobile website. For instance, that could be to get directions, find your operating hours, check for current discount codes or coupons, research further product or service information, or even get in touch with you.

Mobile visitors generally do not want to know your business history, awards and achievements, staff profiles, etc. Reserve this kind of information for your main website. Your mobile site should direct your mobile visitor along clearly defined paths.

Smartphone users are more likely to be responsive to coupons and offers – be sure to offer rewards to your mobile visitors and encourage them to share your offers socially. Treat your mobile prospects as VIP’s and you’ll build yourself a whole new lead generation system that you can market to time and time again.

If a mobile site is warranted, our designers will work out which parts of your existing traditional website to incorporate into the design.  In addition to standard features, such as tap-to-call, a link back to your main website and email and SMS buttons, they may suggest additional features such as geo location, maps, device detection and redirection.  Just leave the details to us!

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