How can you help me to mobilize my business?

We’ll start by building you a new “standalone” mobile-optimized website which will enable smartphone users to access your content in a fast and convenient manner. Within a few days, you’ll have an entirely new customer base seeking out your products or services.

Will my mobile website replace my existing website?

No…your main website will continue to operate as usual. However, when users try to access your existing website on their smartphones, they will automatically and seamlessly be redirected to your new mobile site.

Why not mobilize my existing website?

Although this approach is possible, it is far from ideal. Traditional websites don’t translate well to the smaller screen area of mobile devices and they load far too slowly. Mobile websites are purposely built to be fast loading and easy to navigate.

Will my mobile site be listed in the search engines?

Yes, the major search engines have mobile-specific listings to present to mobile searchers. This enables you to reach far more prospects, especially locally. Potentially, your business will be listed in both search types (desktop and mobile.)

Are mobile websites expensive?

In general, mobile websites cost far less than traditional websites by virtue of their “lightweight” design. Only features and content that are applicable to your mobile users are included in your mobile website design, making it fast to load and easy to navigate…with a definitive call to action. A mobile website generally will cost in the $500 – $1000 range.

Why can’t I just use an online mobile website builder?

Again, this is possible. But for something as important as representing your business presence and appearance on mobile devices we would highly recommend that you leave it to specialists like ourselves. We can handle any requirements, and are always on hand to provide help and assistance for future upgrades.

How long will it take for my mobile website to be ready?

We’ll need an initial consultation with you to determine your mobile requirements. Under normal circumstances, we can have your new site up and running within a few days (subject to peak workloads and/or your content requirements.) Remember – this is going to be your business presence to all of the people using mobile devices. They’re looking for quick information and results. You need to give them a responsive site, or they’ll be off to the competition!

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