What’s Mobile Technology?…

And How Do We Use It To Help You Get Customers and Keep Them Longer?

You probably already have a business website.  But does your existing site function well on mobile devices, if at all? Have you checked to see what you site looks like on a mobile device? Did you know that some websites using advanced features won’t even show up on mobile devices?

The answer to all of the above is more than likely…NO!  With over half of all local searches originating from mobile devices, it is commercial suicide for you to ignore mobile marketing. How many potential customers are you losing because they can’t see your site on their phone?

Mobile websites are completely different from traditional websites.  Mobile websites have to be optimized to fit the size of a mobile device and also take into consideration the tendencies and preferences of mobile users. Functionality and design is a key combination when creating mobile websites.  Your “mobile” visitors are on the move, in a hurry…and just want relevant content such as your contact number, location, email address, operating hours, etc.

We construct our mobile websites following all of the guidelines that Google uses to not only “approve” your mobile site, but improve the rankings of your traditional website. The good news is that your traditional website can remain as is…we don’t need to get involved with something that may already be working for you.

Our mobile websites offer visitors exactly what they want…in a fast, convenient way…and the design is consistent with any existing traditional website design.

But a website is only part of the mobile equation.  There are also mobile landing pages, SMS (text message) marketing programs, QR code campaigns, mobile loyalty programs and mobile coupons (see the Services page.)  All are designed to get more customers in the door and to keep them coming back!

Call NOW for more information on how any, or all, of these options would work for you.  We can advise you on the various aspects of mobile marketing and find what will fit your needs exactly!  You can reach us on 518 664-1607

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